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A note about TikTok and search

We’re naturally skeptical of what we consume online. It’s for this reason that TikTok has become the go-to platform: People are more likely to trust other people.

As an SEO, it’s important to internalize this trend. We need to make sure that the content our sites produce is personal, and therefore trustworthy.

Some tactics that can help:
Add personal anecdotes and experiences to your content
Dive deep: the more details you add the greater chance for trust
Target your audience carefully—don’t speak to everyone all at once
The bottom line is, if you create content that people can trust you’re also creating content that search engines can trust. It’s a win-win.

Clearly, TikTok is a powerful testimony to what people are searching for. Discover how it can help you find all sorts of new keywords and ranking opportunities in Abbie Gleason’s new article for the Hub.
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Happy reading,
Crystal and Mordy
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Pointers from the pros
by Kyle Byers
Head of SEO at Semrush
How do you know what is and what isn’t quality content?

Here are 3 perspectives to consider when gauging content quality:

The business: “What are your business goals for this piece of content and is it achieving them? Leading indicators can be really helpful here (like rankings, visits, and dwell time) but also be sure to look at revenue, customer acquisition, and leads.”

The user: “Is it genuinely great content? The most important thing to get right is really nailing the search intent. People search on Google when they have an itch to scratch. It’s your job to make sure that your content scratches that itch. And you have to make it very obvious, very quickly that it’s going to.”

The search engine: “Google’s given us some pretty good information about this (what’s considered quality content). Some less obvious points are having a site with a primary purpose or focus and not having content that is mass produced or outsourced to too large a number of different creators. Ultimately, Google’s biggest question is: Does the content satisfy the user’s needs?”.

by Mordy Oberstein

Perspectives has hit the SERP. Following the announcement at Google i/o 2023, the mobile perspectives filter is live in the US, as reported by Barry Schwartz. According to Google, the purpose of the filter is to show users a more lived experience, which echoes our earlier point about TikTok.

Do you spend time disavowing links? Google has long said the practice isn’t necessary. In an all-new case study, Glenn Gabe shows you some data as to why disavowing links is not worth your time.
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