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A note about SEO experimentation

SEO isn’t an exact science and part of the fun is trying to figure things out. That can vary from site to site and you never know exactly what will move the needle. As we heard from Google’s own John Mueller when we covered what makes a good SEO team on the SERP’s Up Podcast, being curious is part of doing good SEO.

While you don’t want to be foolhardy, don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment a bit. As you’re out there optimizing, pay attention and make note of the impact different strategies and implementations have.

Because when it comes down to it, everything is an SEO experiment. And while you might not have massive amounts of data to statistically verify the impact of an SEO tactic in every case–that’s fine. Some data is better than no data and sometimes all you have is correlation (not causation). Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Learn from all of the SEO tinkering you do along the way because at the end of the day, it’s all one big experiment with lessons to learn from in every instance.
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Crystal and Mordy
Pointers from the pros
Kaleigh Moore,
SERP’s Up guest
How do you write content that accurately answers user pain points?

Identify real problem areas: “There’s no cheating this. You have to really do the homework to figure out what those [pain points] are. That means speaking to users, talking with your support team… just really understanding the dynamic that you need to create with your customer and their actual true pain points. I think it’s easy to guess at these…to build customer personas that sound really good on the page. But they are not accurate if you haven’t done the legwork of having actual 1:1 conversations with users.”

Answer in depth: “Not just breezing through them and giving a quick answer someone can scan through in under a minute. Give examples. Give context. Show actual use cases of how the pain point is addressed in real time…You’re going deep. You’re giving them [your users] some true actionable insight on how they can solve the pain point.”

Mordy Oberstein

As reported by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land, Google has moved its Search Generative Experience (SGE) beyond the results page. Now we’re starting to see Google integrate its SGE on actual webpages. Specifically, Google’s SGE can summarize the content on a webpage for you. It’s like CliffNotes for webpages and the implications could be enormous if there is widespread adoption.

If users are getting the content from an AI summary and not the page itself:

What’s the impact on additional clicks and conversions?
What if you’re running ads on the page?
Will your brand get the full “authority impact” if users consume your content in this way?

It’s early on in the game but it definitely makes sense to pay attention to how this implementation of SGE develops.
Marketing spotlight
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What foundational traits does all good marketing have?

“The best model for creating meaningful, consistent marketing I've encountered comes from Professor Mark Ritson, who speaks about 'diagnosis, strategy, and tactics'. In effect, this follows three steps:

1. Understand your market

This isn't about you. It's about understanding the market in its totality—the potential segments, the problems, buying habits, and potential value to your business.

2. Understand who you're reaching with what message

Now it's for us to choose who we'd specifically like to help (your target), with what message (your positioning), and what you're hoping to achieve with that activity (your goal). These three things give consistency and purpose to your actions.

3. Understand how you're going to share that message

Otherwise known as tactics, these are your SEO, PPC, social media marketing, etc. of the world. Here we're consistently speaking about the message decided in step two, to the people we've chosen to speak to.

Great marketing fundamentally knows the problem you're trying to solve, who you're solving it for, then consistently shares a message that will resonate with those people."

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In the pipeline

Next month, we’re using metrics to tell a story that gets you buy-in from stakeholders: Learn about the most important keyword metrics to measure (and how to track them) from Sophie Brannon, director of SEO at RushOrderTees. And, create a plan to catch up to (or overtake) competitors with an SEO gap analysis framework by Lidia Infante, senior SEO manager at Sanity.io.

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