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An important note about fundamental SEO

Optimizing a title tag or some page headers? Don’t scoff, even the most basic of SEO tasks can make a big difference.

We often place so much value on all sorts of advanced SEO concepts and tactics but the truth is you never know what will move the needle in a specific instance. Properly optimizing some anchor or even alt text can give Google the contextualization it needs to better understand the page.

So while things like optimizing for E-E-A-T or creating complex content clusters are a cornerstone of SEO in 2023 (and beyond), we urge you not to overlook the fundamentals as their impact is nothing to sneeze at.

The web is littered with cases where making what might be considered small and basic SEO changes had a significant impact. You can find some of these low effort, high reward tactics in George Nguyen’s latest post on local SEO.
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Crystal and Mordy
Pointers from the pros
VP of Search, Sterling Sky
Helping your team continue their SEO education is crucial

How do you train the various types of SEO team members that are part of your agency?

We take a lot of time, care and effort as an agency to make sure we’re continually training…Training is something we’ve really integrated in. To give you a few examples, we’ll have general training meetings and we’ll break those into some very strategic categories. For instance, we have a strategy team meeting. And the people who join it are responsible for client strategy and it focuses mainly on client performance. Then we also have account manager training meetings which are equally important but focus more on client relationships. We then also have specific team meetings on link building, etc.

What methods work best when training an SEO team?

We’ve incorporated more shadowing. I think at the end of the day, if you’re training an account manager or sales role, there’s only so much you can do by standing there and telling someone “These are the golden rules.” We just started on the sales side of things...so I’ll jump on a call with a prospect and I’ll have another team member join—they’ll take notes and ask me questions. Maybe next month I’ll have them join (and lead) another sales call and I’ll take notes and maybe give them feedback. And that seems to be a very effective way to do training.

How important are forums to training an SEO team?

We allocated budget and time each month to make sure people on our team on any given month have time to go and participate in forums. It’s one of the best things you can do, especially as a beginning SEO, and even as time goes on—to go to forums and volunteer your time and troubleshoot problems and try to answer them.

Mordy Oberstein

You might assume I would discuss the completed roll-out of TWO official Google updates: The October 2023 Spam Update and the October 2023 Core Update.

Instead, I want to cover a story Barry Schwartz posted on SERountable.com that went a bit under the radar.

What Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) will ultimately look like and how it will function is TBD. How it will impact the web is similarly…TBD. I think it’s interesting to see how it all progresses.

Most recently, as Barry reported, Google let us know that they will:
Link to content behind paywalls within the SGE
Respect robot-meta tag directives in the SGE’s output
To the latter, this means you can instruct Google to show or not show a snippet of your content in their SGE by using the nosnippet robots meta tag. Similarly, you can instruct Google how many characters you allow them to use in the SGE using the max-snippet tag.

This should make website owners a bit more “comfortable” as there is a known way to exercise control over content being displayed within Google’s SGE.

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Marketing spotlight
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What’s the value of sharing resources with clients and how do you share them effectively?

Be honest: Take time to understand your client's needs and goals before recommending resources. This shows you care about providing value, not just promoting your own materials.

Explain relevance: When sharing a resource, briefly explain why you think it could be useful to the client. This helps them understand the value.

Add value with your own insights: Don't just send links. Summarize key points from the resources or offer examples of how other clients have applied the concepts.

Suggest next steps: Give clients clear guidance on what they can do next to build on the resources you've shared.

Follow up: Check in with the client after they've had time to review the resources. Ask if they have any additional questions and how they plan to use or implement the information.
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This month's webinar
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Live webinar: Wix SEO product drops in 2023

From AI to audits, catch up on a year of industry-leading SEO releases on Wix with our SEO Product Lead, Einat Hoobian-Seybold, and SEO Product Manager, Shira Amit.
Dive into SERP’s Up
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The real deal with keyword cannibalization

Is ranking for multiple pages holding you back in the SERP? We break down misconceptions and offer creative solutions with Forank co-founder Zoe Ashbridge.
Introducing Wix Studio
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The new end-to-end web creation platform built for agencies and freelancers

With next-gen design capabilities, a custom CSS, and multi-project workspaces, Wix Studio gives you the power to deliver exceptional work in a hyper-efficient way. Streamline your SEO workflows with smart automations, customize at scale, and handover sites with confidence by creating a client kit with essential SEO training materials.

In the pipeline

Find out how real-time analytics can help you troubleshoot and monitor campaigns as they roll out. And, keep your eyes peeled for a guide on Wix’s soon-to-be-released AI-powered SEO feature.

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