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A note about podcasts, marketing, and SEO

Podcasts are powerful.

They give you the ability to position your brand as a thought leader, connect to new audiences, create conversations with consumers, and network with the leading minds in your industry.

Over the past year, we’ve released 50 episodes of our SEO and digital marketing podcast, SERP’s Up. We’re grateful for the great guests who’ve joined us and we can’t thank our listeners enough for tuning in each week.

We know that getting started with a podcast can be intimidating. Our best advice? Go for it. We’ve put together the resources in this newsletter to help you hit the ground running.
Happy broadcasting,
Crystal and Mordy
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SEO advice worth listening to
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Which Google update should SEOs learn more about?
Barry Schwartz says “...The Florida Update [released] probably 20 years ago really shook the SEO community and was the first time Google released an update where they said “Hey SEOs, stop trying to manipulate us, we know about you and our algorithm will detect what you’re doing and you won’t be able to fool us with easy SEO.”

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How do you maintain the quality of your content when creating it at scale?
Erica Schneider reminds us to “treat quality [content] scaling just as you would treat business scaling. You need to document your process and you need to have goals, a mission statement, objectives, etc. Everything you do for your business when you want to be able to scale effectively and not fail… is the same way you should treat scaling your content operations.”

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Should I focus on keywords that don’t directly result in my site earning revenue?
Cindy Krum advocates that “We might need to go a little bit beyond what our website has a financial benefit for. The more you can help users on their journey on the topic, it seems like the more Google is going to count that as high quality content and Google is going to understand the entity, and the more Google is going to understand that you understand the entity.”

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How do you know good SEO advice from bad SEO advice?
Himani Kankaria says “Any random post can get massive engagement…They showcase how brilliantly they got great results but don’t have any solid proof about what strategy they used. What you can do is to verify if Google has any documentation around that advice or ask an industry thought leader.”

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How do you deal with SERP features that don’t showcase any URL?
Kevin Indig advises thatThere are some [SERP features] where you just can’t do anything at all [to have your URL shown within it] and the only thing you can do is be aware that this happens in the search results and understand what the impact on your traffic could be.”

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Marketing spotlight
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4 ways to boost your marketing efforts with a podcast

Educate, don’t sell: Provide valuable, informative content to draw in your target market.

Foster engagement: Use the intimate nature of podcasts to facilitate deep, one-on-one conversations with your audience.

Invest in timelessness: Deliver well-researched, expert content that can stand the test of time.

Promote your products: You've built an audience that trusts your insights—use that to your advantage.
How to get your podcast seen on the SERP

“Whether your podcast is video or audio only, publish it on YouTube, you'll be surprised by how many video carousels are shown in Google search results.”
Aleyda Solis, Orainti

“For episode titles, forgo adding ‘Episode 17,’ etc., at the start. Instead, front-load the episode title with a searchable term.”
Kate Toon, Digital Marketing Consultant

“Google is processing the ID3 tags as a content roadmap, so doubling down inside of the show page with an exact correlation to those stamps can root the show in a level of trusted content.”
Erin Sparks, Site Strategics

“By using some on-page SEO techniques and accompanying your audio with text [transcripts], you can make your episode pages far more discoverable.”
Jack Chambers-Ward, Candour

“Take care of the E-E-A-T of your podcast by demonstrating your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness as a podcast host. You can use schema to help Google connect the dots.”
Olga Zarr, SEOSLY

What's new with SEO on Wix
Introducing our new Marketing Overview Dashboard

Make smarter decisions about how to allocate your marketing resources. You can now get a unified, visual understanding of which channels are driving your growth—including both your efforts with Wix, as well as external activities like Facebook and Google Ads.

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The latest from our SEO Learning Hub

Get the most up-to-date SEO knowledge from industry leaders.

ChatGPT for business-to-business SEO: A 2-star review by Adriana Stein

Evergreen SEO tactics for SMBs: From setup to maintenance by Itamar Blauer

5 SEO tasks you can automate to save time and money by Manick Bhan

Core Web Vitals: Real user metrics vs. Lab data by Jamie Indigo

Website accessibility and SEO: How they’re related and why it matters by Rejoice Ojiaku

How to find SEO keywords to rank a new domain quickly by Lily Ugbaja

In the pipeline

Next month, we’re going off the beaten path to show you ways to leverage implicit search intent within your content. Plus, we’ll break down how to get your business on Apple Maps using Apple Business Connect.

Get the full lowdown on our SEO Learning Hub
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