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A note about the new Google and AI

During Google I/O 2023 we got a glimpse into what an AI-powered Search Generative Experience will look like and we think it’s pretty promising overall. The future of organic search seems bright, but this new integration will greatly impact our work as SEOs.

Here are a few things to consider as a result:
Having a strong topical identity is going to play a big role in deciding the sites that are showcased within Google’s “AI Box” so make sure you hone in and dive deep.
Product purchases from Google may see a significant increase as the AI experience on the SERP pulls in products. Google has said this process relies on their shopping graph so we think that getting your listings in Google Merchant Center is going to become increasingly important.
If you thought E-E-A-T was important before, it’s even more important now (especially the “E” for experience) as Google already announced an update to its Helpful Content System that highlights this.
We delved into how the announcements from Google I/O 2023 will impact SEO in a special episode of the SERP’s Up Podcast.
Happy reading,
Crystal and Mordy
by Mordy Oberstein

Here are some other updates that came out of Google I/O 2023:

Google Bard is now open to people in 180 countries and it has the new ability to produce images and more. Give it a whirl if you haven’t already.

Say goodbye to FID, as INP (Interaction to Next Paint) will replace it as a Core Web Vital come March 2024.

The SERP is getting some perspective, literally. A new “Perspectives” filter will be hitting the SERP to help you get a more well-rounded set of answers.

Pointers from the pros
by Aleyda Solis
International SEO Consultant and Founder, Orainti
What’s the best way to approach international SEO?

Make smart business decisions at the onset: “It’s fundamental to initially assess the international markets that actually make sense for your business. What’s the search potential? It’s worth checking if the market will generate enough traffic for you.”

Understand how different marketers use different terms and phrases and how much that matters: “Do granular keyword and competition research. See which websites rank for your top queries in the location where you want to rank and check which terms are actually used.”

Give Google more signals: “Remember that hreflang is one of many signals. A typical mistake I see is when links go to the homepage of the alternate version. For example, your “product A” page in the US, which has millions of backlinks, should crosslink to your “product A” pages in India and the UK, so that your US page can pass that link popularity to pages in other countries.”

Listen to episode #40 of the SERP’s Up podcast to hear more of Aleyda’s insights.
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